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Seattle Superkongs
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We are the Seattle Superkongs, an aspiring Club in the Rumble Kong League. As stated in the RKL Kongpaper, “Clubs are a collective of Kongs that offers the possibility to compete in leagues. A Kong needs to be part of a Club to compete in competitive gameplay and for a chance to earn rewards through leagues.” Clubs are a major component in the Rumble Kong League play-to-earn basketball gaming experience. The Seattle Superkongs is setting out to be a premier Club in the RKL metaverse ecosystem.

The Seattle Superkongs founders are four die-hard Rumble Kong League fans and supporters that have been highly engaged with the community since the very beginning. #MINTGANG. We are close friends from college who are based out of Washington State and excited to represent the City of Seattle.

Our roster currently consists of eighteen Kongs which range in all skill levels. Check out the roster here. We will build strong team units that compete in all league tiers. The Seattle Superkongs will leverage a deep roster to strategically place Kongs into teams based on their complementary Boosts. The teams will continue to become highly refined as more members join the Seattle Superkongs Club.

We care deeply about building the Seattle Superkongs brand. We have an extremely rare opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting play-to-earn blockchain gaming ecosystems at the ground floor. The Seattle Superkongs will work extremely hard to set the high standards that an exemplary Club within the Rumble Kong League should have. If you are interested in going all-in on RKL and the Seattle Superkongs vision, our DM’s are open.

On the Horizon:

  1. Seattle Superkongs Club DAO structure
  2. Final logo
  3. Derivative trading card NFT’s for Seattle Superkongs Club members
  4. Seattle Superkongs Discord Server

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Seattle Superkongs

The Seattle SuperKongs is an aspiring Club in the Rumble Kong League metaverse.